Course held at ALF InterFACE Academy Headquarters

In the heart of the midwest in the St Louis, Missouri area

1000 Eleven South  Suite 3F  Columbia, Illinois

 This is a uniquely designed course geared for both the entry level practitioner and those wanting to learn Dr. Nordstrom's approach to ALF Therapy as a foundation for future courses taught through the ALF InterFACE Academy, Inc.

  This course is designed after nearly 40 years of development and guided by clinical collaboration between interdisciplinary treatment teams.

 It will be taught both in the hands and on the head as we instruct practitioners, their assistants, business team and hygienists.  By offering instruction on both the principles and the techniques, this valuable information can be applied immediately to patient care in your office.


Course Description


The unique and sophisticated designs of the family of ALF Appliances have become world renowned for results that surpass those of traditional dentistry and orthodontics. Those who strive to gain a deeper understanding of the many benefits of ALF Therapy now have the opportunity to take advantage of the authentic and inner teachings as developed and supported by the innovator of the ALF appliance, Dr. Darick Nordstrom.  

This course will provide the practitioner and their supportive team with an educational experience that will encourage application of a principle based curriculum .  The information provided will allow both the doctor and the team to customize their treatment approach to the needs of their individual patients. By having the tools to assess, the techniques to apply and the technologies to support their treatment decisions, the practitioner will have the skills to select and design the appropriate ALF Appliance based on physiological principles. 

The ALF InterFACE Academy Level One Course has been created by Dr. Nordstrom and the AIA faculty based on many years of development and tested through decades of hands on clinical patient care.   The practical application of this coveted knowledge will allow AIA trained practitioners and their teams to truly and deeply benefit from the inner teachings that define authentic ALF Therapy.



Course Includes:

  • Appliance design sheets and course manual
  • Online learning modules to be provided prior to the hands -on session to maximize efficiency and minimize time out of the office
  • Customized lab prescription sheets for enhanced communication
  • Hands-on instructional time in a clinical setting to demonstrate wire bending, insertion, and adjustment techniques 
  • Basic instruction on dental cranial palpatory skills, introduction to cranial indicators and reflex assessment for the dental professional
  • Training for the dental assistants and hygienists in their role of supporting their doctor and patients
  • Training in biometric and clinical assessments


Instruction by the creator of the ALF


Learn from the innovator of the ALF Therapy appliances himself.  There is a vast misconception that the ALF has only one design and that cannot be farther from the truth.  This course will clearly describe why using the most advances designs will improve patient outcomes and treatment success.

Clinical + Classroom = Integrative Learning


The lessons learned in the pre-course online classroom combined with the instruction provided during the course in our onsite conference center offers our students many advantages. By applying the knowledge gained in the classroom in a clinical setting, ALF Therapy practitioners have the unique opportunity to immediately apply their knowledge while assisted by an experienced ALF provider. 

Training for TEAMwork


The doctors absolutely need the support of their team to provide optimal care for their patients.  By providing training for the business and clinical teams, the entire practice benefits from a comprehensive approach to learning ALF Therapy

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